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Software Asset Management
SAM) Questionaire

Effective Software Asset Management (SAM) includes the people, practices, processes, and technologies required to manage all aspects of a company’s software assets across their lifecycles.

Organisations with a broad software profile face SAM challenges because every asset licence will have specific and complex terms and conditions. This can result in difficulties with version control and tracking.


To help you understand how well your organisation manages SAM, what risks you may be facing, and how much revenue you are unnecessarily spending on licensing, we have complied the below questionnaire.

Please complete as much as you can and email back to, and one of our licencing team will get back to you with expert feedback and recommendations.

Top 4 benefits of SAM

1. Cost Savings

SAM provides more control over your costs and the data that you require to guide your future investment and budget decisions

2. Repurpose Licences

SAM can identify all of your unused licences so that they can be reclaimed and redeployed, easing pressure on your IT budgets

3. Avoid Penalties

Most large organizations receive at least one audit per year. With SAM any license deficits can be identified and addressed in advance

4. Competitive Edge

SAM can cut round 50% of the manual tasks involved in licence tracking, and free up those resources to focus on higher-value projects

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