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Licence Optimisation

Software Licence Optimization

Software Licence Optimisation

As your organisation drives towards digital transformation, delivering ROI on your technology investment is crucial. 

Determining your actual license position across your state of products requires deep knowledge of how each product is licensed based on metrics such as cores, clusters, availability, BYOSL rules etc.

AMAY’s team of world-class software license experts can provide you with clarity to the world of enterprise software licensing.

How many software licences has your organisation purchased

How many of your software licences are actually being used

Do you have multiple contracts with software vendors

Are you prepared for a software audit

JAMAY's licensing team will review your technology landscape and ensure that you understand what you have or haven’t purchased, and how you can optimise your investments and mitigate against risks.


They can then assist you in reducing or eliminating duplicate technologies and shelf-ware, and also assess the impact of future changes, ensuring you avoid unnecessary future costs.

The team will also advise you on the best tools available on the market to help you with the ongoing license management, and help you protect your organisation from reputations and commercial loss during software audits.

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