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unit4 coda financials

Helping you get the
most from your Unit4
Financials investment

Unit4 Financials, previously known as Coda Financials

JAMAY’s Unit4 Financials (previously known as Coda Financials) consulting team have worked with the product, the vendor Unit4 and their partners for the past 15 years. Throughout those 15 years the JAMAY team has been involved in product development, implementations, upgrades and support of Unit4 Financials all over the world, and has worked with the various partners and specialist 3rd party products available in the market. This has resulted in the JAMAY Consulting becoming one of the global leaders in this area.


The JAMAY Development team, working in partnership with many Unit4 Financials customers across the globe, have designed and developed over 50 bespoke add-on solutions which are continually updated and supported by the JAMAY development and support teams.


Since 1998, JAMAY Consulting has been advising businesses on how best to use Unit4 Financials to meet their business objectives, become more efficient, smarter, accelerate growth and mitigate risks.


We provide an end-to-end service, from business analysis and developing a technology, to implementing and managing projects on your behalf.

& Automation

Our team can seamlessly integrate your Unit4 Financials application to any 3rd party solution, database or workflow and enhance with any rules or automation that you require. 


Take advantage of JAMAYs DataHQ integration management product to ensure you have complete control over all of you existing and new interfaces.

Software Design
& Development

Accelerate your digital transformation journey by utilizing our experience and expertise in technology and innovation.

From simple interfaces or smart phone apps to complex business critical applications, our team are passionate about designing the right solution for you today, tomorrow and in the future using the most up to date technology available.


Our team have been working with Unit4 Financials for over 23 years, since the product was known as Coda Financials.

With their vast experience implementing and upgrading Unit4 Coda Financials, plus Unit4 and 3rd party modules and add-ons, JAMAY's team will ensure that any deployment will be carried out using Unit4's implementation methodology, successfully, on time and within budget.

Leverage the expertise of JAMAY's cloud specialists to migrate your environments to the Unit4 cloud or any other cloud, and rapidly modernise your applications for higher performance and sustainability.

Take advantage of JAMAY's CloudHQ product which enables you access to all the cloud data you require for integrations, reporting, data marts, etc.



We offer Unit4 Financials technical support and maintenance services, allowing you to stay ahead of infrastructural and integration changes, or any technical glitches.


We enhance your application performance by continually monitoring the system status and performance, as per ever-changing business processes and technology advancements.

Jamay HQsuite
JAMAY provides three out-the-box products designed especially for Unit4 Financials customers.
Jamay DataHQ

Provides finance users with full control of all their data streams and integrations


Provides a portal into a customer’s data when they are hosted on the Unit4 Cloud

Jamay DocumentHQ

Automated document scanning and posting to Unit4 Financials with machine learning

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