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CloudHQ for Unit4 Coda


Instant access to all of your data in the cloud

CloudHQ by JAMAY

Do you have issues accessing all of your data because you don’t have direct access to your database, perhaps located in the cloud?


At Jamay Consulting we have found that a large number of our customers (either with a cloud solution or on premise) are now suffering from these issues. So, our software development team developed CloudHQ which enables:

Data Access



Data Marts


CloudHQ is a digital transformation cloud solution that allows customers to easily extract data from their Unit4 Financials database for reporting, third party application enrichment, integration, and publishing data over internal data marts. Originally designed to support customers hosted on the Unit4 Cloud environment it can also be used by current on-premises customers who can make use of CloudHQ to reduce operational and technical risks and costs while upgrading UNIT4 Financials.

  • Allows data extraction criteria to be managed from within Unit4 Financials

  • Can extract data from third-party databases (if accessible to UNIT4 Financials)

  • Uploads Table-Link Data to the UNIT4 Cloud

  • Known UNIT4 web user interface reduces training requirements

  • Processes can be run using an in-built scheduler or on-demand using the web UI 

  • In most cases downstream stream system will require no change while upgrading

What is a Data Mart?

A Data Mart is a subset of your data, focusing on a particular area or department of your business. A Data Mart will make specific data available to a defined group of your users. This allows quick access of critical insights without the user having to search through the whole database for the information their require.

For users of UNIT4 Coda Financials familiar with the web application, minimal training will be required to use CloudHQ. 


You will be able to manage your data extraction criteria from within the Unit4 Financials application, which includes your metadata selectors and presenters. You can even extract data from other third party databases.


CloudHQ is compatible with the UNIT4 Financials Support Matrix, we ensure that minimum or no changes to the downstream systems will be required when upgrading UNIT4 Financials. 

Due to the fact that CloudHQ has been developed with a multi-threaded architecture, performance will be impressive, and because it does not require a direct connection to the Unit4 database it will not affect your Unit4 Financials database performance.

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