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Software Development

Accelerate your transformation journey by utilizing our experience and expertise in technology and innovation, developing scalable and sustainable applications.


When you partner with JAMAY, we utilise our combined 100+ years of experience to guide you to solutions that we have successfully implemented with industry leading companies. We consult with you and walk you through the best practices required to take your project to the next level.


From simple system integrations or smart phone apps to complex business critical applications, our team of talented developers are passionate about designing the right solution for you today, tomorrow and in the future. Our team are continuously studying the latest trends, adapting to new solutions and using the most up to date technology available.


Flexibility and strong change management is key. We understand that business requirements are continually changing, often so rapidly that they can change during a project. By providing highly configurable solutions and solid version control, we can quickly adapt to any changes required during or post project.


We create consistant high quality, transparent, well structured and comprehensible code that can be upgraded and maintained easily and enables future development of any solution. 


During analysis we document how your company operates in your industry so our teams can provide an optimal solution. This ensures it not only meets your needs but is powerful enough to face your competitor challenges.


Working in close partnership in every step of the project ensures that we develop a powerful software solution tailored for your company, and that you understand every process and there is no confusion on the end goal. 


We strive to build a strong rapport with every member of your team and develop long-term business relationships.  We walk you through every process and are always on hand to provide ongoing support and advice. 

It’s quite rare to find a software consultancy with indepth expertise and experience in software licencing. JAMAY’s software licencing team have been working with some of the world’s leading software licensing providers for over 20 years and work with your business and legal teams to ensure that your licence usage is risk free and as cost effective as possible.


If you are selling your software on, the licensing team will ensure that you grow the profitability of your intellectual property by helping you design the best business model to capture all revenue opportunities, minimise revenue leaks, and prevent unlicensed use and reverse engineering.

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)


The Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is a series of crucial phases defined for teams producing and delivering high-quality software.

CLICK HERE for further information on the SDLC

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