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Cloud hosting is a flexible service providing cost-savings from cloud computing, including virtual servers and a virtual shared platform.


Utilising a cloud server provides fully scalable server performance on a virtual machine.  You will be able to add dedicated resources as you need them, giving you the flexibility that large projects require.


As part of the JAMAY Cloud services, all cloud servers include integrated tools and features such as additional block storage, load balancing and shared storage. All servers are equipped with VMware virtualisation and physically separate computing and storage capacities which offer the highest levels of security and performance, without sacrificing affordability or price transparency.

cloud hosting

Cloud Computing
and Hosting



With infrastructure in the cloud, you can operate services such as email and intranet centrally, making them available to your staff across multiple locations in a networked environment.



Connect your machines with your entire facility using the cloud to digitise production and service processes. Processes can be automated for operation, support, maintenance, and more.



Move business and smartphone applications to the cloud and transform how you work with true collaboration, combining high data security and improved accessibility and availability.

Software Development


Develop enterprise business software applications in the cloud on a flexible and highly available system that you can adapt to your needs with on-demand resources. 

Benefits of cloud


Utilising best-of-breed server technology provides faster virtual environments than ever before.


The JAMAY live and dynamic cloud hosting services can be scaled up and down to suit your needs.


Peace of mind knowing with 99.9% uptime, failsafe systems and pre-emptive 24/7 system monitoring


With encrypted Internet connectivity and 24/7 system monitoring, your data is fully protected.


Your virtual server environment is replicated across 3 data centres and stored for a full 30 days.


Receive unlimited technical support from our Microsoft accredited global team. 

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