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technical consulting


Trusted experts in Digital Transformation

For the past 15 years, JAMAY Consulting has been advising businesses on how best to use technology to meet their business objectives. Technology processes and systems both underpin business performance and developing and implementing technology in your businesses can allow you to become more efficient, smarter, accelerate growth, reduce cost and mitigate risks.


JAMAY Consulting provides an end-to-end service - from business analysis and developing a technology, to implementing and managing systems or processes on your behalf. 

Systems Analysis

Business systems and process analysis

Whether you are undertaking a digital transformation project, a compliance project or simply want to assess the state of your current setup, JAMAY can help.


We will assist you in evaluating your organisation’s systems, processes, policies and plans to help identify the actions you need to take to meet internationally recognised best practice and take advantage of the best cutting edge technology available on the market.


Business process
re-engineering (BPR)

Our BPR service assists you in reviewing your current business processes to ensure they are still fit for purpose or if they require updating or digital transformation.


Our team will split the BPR process into four stages to create achievable goals, avoid scope creep and allow senior management an opportunity to sign off each stage. The four stages include: Scope, mapping, redesign and finally implementation. 

cloud computing

Cloud computing 
and hosting

Cloud hosting is a flexible service providing cost-savings from cloud computing, including virtual servers and a virtual shared platform.


Our cloud team will work with your business and IT staff to determine the optimal cloud hosting solution for your organisation’s systems and processes. This includes sizing, infrastructure, integrations, performance, support and maintenance. 


IT Infrastructure

Whether your IT infrastructure is cloud, hybrid, or on-premises, we can help you plan and manage changes in your environments to ensure uninterrupted business operations. 


Our experts will help you understand how to implement the changes required for your organization to function smoothly in a modern business setup, improve overall collaboration, reduce the risk of systems failures and ultimately improve your profitability.

Software Development

Development and
systems integration

Accelerate your transformation journey by utilizing our experience and expertise in technology and innovation, developing scalable and sustainable applications.

When you partner with JAMAY, we utilise our 20 years' of experience to guide you to solutions that we have successfully implemented with other industry leading companies. Our consultants will walk you through the best practices required to take your project to the next level and deliver successfully. 

Software Licence

License optimisation
& monetisation

JAMAY’s software licensing department has many years’ experience working with the various different software licencing products and vendors. We assist our customers in auditing their licence usage and licence monetisation. 

Our team will provide you with expert independent advice on which systems are the best fit for your organisation’s needs and the optimal system and process design to reduce cost, risk and maximise revenues.

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