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DocumentHQ OCR


Document Scanning and OCR


JAMAY DocumentHQ provides digital transformation by automating the capture of data from documents such as PDFs, scanned invoices or emails, and posts data directly into finance and ERP systems such as Unit4 Coda Financials.

Using optical character recognition (OCR), it automatically captures the content and stores it on-premise or on-cloud for easy retrieval using the web UI or the Open API provided

Depending on your requirements or budget, JAMAY offers two solutions: DocumentHQ lite and DocumentHQ.

Product features


  1. Document storage

  2. Document secured URL generation

  3. Document search

  4. Document image retrieval

  5. User Management System

  6. Secured encrypted URLs between connected systems on-premise or on-cloud

  7. Secure web-based client

  8. Hybrid deployment options


   DOCUMENTHQ LITE features plus

  1. Automated scan submission

  2. OCR document scanning

  3. Scanned content search

  4. Scanned content storage

  5. Smartphone scanning app

  6. UNIT4 Financials (CODA) Integration

  7. Open API to Integrate with any Application


Cost Savings

No laborous manual keying required.

Free up office equipment and space.


Inputting time significantly reduced.

Paper documents can be scanned by smartphone.

Reduce risk

No more human errors when inputting.

Reduce risk of late payments penalties.
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