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Software licence Monetisation 

Meet market demands and
maximise software revenue

software monetisation

Software Licence Monetisation

Selling software with a perpetual license in a box is now a thing of the past. Software Monetisation is effectively maximising your software revenue by meeting market demands. Today’s organizations require you to provide flexibility in licensing, delivery, reporting, and management while also protecting your intellectual property.


No matter what type of software you are developing, or how the software is being provided to the end-users, a comprehensive software monetisation strategy hinges on four key factors - how effectively you can:






Software counterfeiting, hacking, reverse-engineering and distribution of unprotected software is on the rise. These illegal activities result in considerable losses in software profitability. 


Software monetisation is the deployment of any variety of measures that an organisation takes in order to increase the profitability of their software intellectual property. This can range from creative pricing strategies to anti-piracy IP protection techniques. There are a number of organisations in the market offering technology to manage this, but which is best for you?


JAMAY’s experienced consultants are subject matter experts in Software Monetisation (SWM) and have worked with multiple different licencing technologies and vendors, in many different industries. This experience and independent view enable us to help your organisation chose the right strategic SWM vendor based on your specific use cases.


Our consulting team will provide you with an expert assessment of your existing technology capabilities, systems and processes to determine which solutions deliver the most significant business benefits for your organisation.

Monetisation Consulting Services

Operational Model Workshops

Licensing Policy Workshops

Entitlements Management

Concurrent Licensing Models

Node Locked Licensing

Subscription Based Licences

Account Based Licences

Data Analysis

​JAMAY's Licencing Team will also provide analytical data to support your product development, and will also support Offline customers.

Contact us now to speak to one of our expert team about Monetisation.

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